Using science to preserve culture in Rwanda

  Traditional culture and science often seem to be worlds apart, but for Theogen Rutagwenda, the director general for animal resources in the Rwandan government, the two mix...

Lessons from COVID-19: Secure the future through technology

I had dreams and tears in equal measure, imagining what our own Konza City could be as a properly established hub for digital.

    Did it ever cross your mind that cows, goats, sheep and all animals have tribes, families, clans and other family groups much like human beings do? Or...

Strike turns Indian farmer to an overnight dairy feed businessman

The seemingly sleepy village at the end of the road is not so sleepy after all. Guagadia village produced an overnight entrepreneur, one who had never imagined he...

Study shows how Tanzania dairy farmers stand to benefit from improved commercial feeds

A new study has revealed the extent to which dairy farmers in Tanzania are under-served by the feeds manufacturing sector, which despite having adequate capacity, is operating...

It’s Just PR: how to slay the corruption dragon

Reforms. Credibility. Efficiency. Three words that might as well be the legacy of Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’is tour of duty at the helm of Kenya’s education sector. Shock,...

Improved cattle feed provides new business opportunities for farmers in India

Strong demand for milk in Bihar Province, India, for direct human consumption and for vital nutrients for the community, has provided an opportunity for one farmer to...

Today, I washed my hands: it is Global Handwashing Day

October 15 is a day set aside to remind all people that constant soap and water is important for good health Ernest...

Insurance, carbon capture and markets may support pastoralists

Three options exist to move pastoralists from vulnerable to resilient lifestyles. They are commercialization of livestock systems, payment for ecosystem services and social and financial safety nets...

Is Africas “silent epidemic” an emergency in Kenya?

In the months since COVID-19 began and measures including lockdown effected, there have been increased cases of domestic violence reported. Jobs have been lost...

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