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Kentice Tikolo: A mentor to many in the public relations profession

Leadership: a call to pass the baton persuasively

Armed with great ideas, energy and excitement, fresh entrants into a professional field come ready to conquer the world. They find jargon, red tape and sometimes cynical older professionals who now tick time in and out without much creativity. Left on their own, these youngsters will soon join the rat race and wither away seeking greener pastures and new excitement. Mentors, when sought for and available, help keep the young professionals energised and excited ready to tap into their creative juices and mange the rat race.

Today, I washed my hands: it is Global Handwashing Day

October 15 is a day set aside to remind all...

Kenya’s breadbasket will soon be doubly full as tourism takes centre stage

Creating a mini-safari trail in Trans Nzoia county will be an opportunity for transformation of tourism leading to building more robust businesses through innovation, digital¬ization and partnerships - Sarah Musundi, KAWT VC

Is Africas “silent epidemic” an emergency in Kenya?

In the months since COVID-19 began and measures including...

Lessons from COVID-19: Secure the future through technology

I had dreams and tears in equal measure, imagining what...

In defence of a misunderstood profession

Maintaining mutually beneficial relationships is a key outcome of Public Relations

It’s Just PR: how to slay the corruption dragon

Reforms. Credibility. Efficiency. Three words that might as well be the legacy of...

Improved animal feed equals increased dairy incomes in Bihar

Anuj Kumar Jha, a very young farmer of Kalyanpur village, Sarairanjan block,...